Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Fralin Museum of Arts

The Fralin Museum of Arts is a place that shows all different forms of art from different eras. This museum was built to show, teach, and educate those on the works of art.  Going this museum you will experience all different types of sculptures, paintings, collages, and drawings. Every piece of art there had its own meaning. I was told by the instructor in order to understand the art, I was to sit and look and try to determine its meaning. I didn't understand it at first until I saw a piece of art that stood out to my interest. It was a sculpture of a man that looked Chinese and he stood with his hands folded. As I sat and looked at the sculpture I came to realization that it was a sculpture for peace. It was made by a man who sent out the message of relaxation. After analyzing the work I was told to pic several object to draw and make into a picture. The objects I chose were bones, a sculpture of a man, and a feather. The objective of the assignment was to be creative with things that were already created. I enjoyed myself this museum being that I love art; it made me think more of my art work. The instructor pointed out that anything drawn is art, whether it’s decent or not. Going to the Fralin Museum was not what I expected but I would definitely encourage others to enjoy what I did.

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