Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Fralin Museum of Arts

The Fralin Museum of Arts is a place that shows all different forms of art from different eras. This museum was built to show, teach, and educate those on the works of art.  Going this museum you will experience all different types of sculptures, paintings, collages, and drawings. Every piece of art there had its own meaning. I was told by the instructor in order to understand the art, I was to sit and look and try to determine its meaning. I didn't understand it at first until I saw a piece of art that stood out to my interest. It was a sculpture of a man that looked Chinese and he stood with his hands folded. As I sat and looked at the sculpture I came to realization that it was a sculpture for peace. It was made by a man who sent out the message of relaxation. After analyzing the work I was told to pic several object to draw and make into a picture. The objects I chose were bones, a sculpture of a man, and a feather. The objective of the assignment was to be creative with things that were already created. I enjoyed myself this museum being that I love art; it made me think more of my art work. The instructor pointed out that anything drawn is art, whether it’s decent or not. Going to the Fralin Museum was not what I expected but I would definitely encourage others to enjoy what I did.

The Holocaust Museum

The holocaust museum is where you can experience the life of those who lived during the 40’s. The holocaust is the murdering of six million Jews led by Adolf Hilter and his army of Nazi’s. During this era the Nazi’s were after everyone, gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s witnesses, and the disabled. The museum showed how those who were prisoners had to sleep in bunks that looked like book shelves. They slept three sometimes even four people a bunk each night. They’re living condition was horrible; sometimes they starved and even caught unknown diseases. During this era no one was safe, including children. Nazi’s killed innocent children in retaliation and even to get a point across. There were pictures of kids, parents crying because a family member had to be separated from them to another state. There were plenty of photographs showing destroyed families, facial portraits, and the emotions of some of those who were neglected.  This was the era of war and no one should have lived in it, and going to this museum showed me just what it was like. This museum taught me a lot about the holocaust, some of which I didn't know. My trip to this museum made me feel more thankful for what I have rather than educational. Being that I saw the terrifying era that they lived in, I am proud to be growing up where there is now more peace.

Monday, March 24, 2014


J.K. Rowling spoke to the graduates of Harvard about how failure is a good thing. She humorously congratulated the class of 2011 and spoke about many of her lifestyle changes. She told about how failure helped her get through life; without it she wouldn't have learned anything. With her failure it brought her to publishing several series of Harry Potter books and also movies. She looked at failure as an option, an option that hurts but heals later on. She looked at failure as something that would help reach a long term goal.     She always wanted to be a writer, ever since she could remember and she went through trials and tribulations to do so.

I personally enjoyed this speech because not only did it make sense but it made me feel better about myself. I always looked at failure as a bad thing; I never thought it was acceptable. As I listened to this speech it made me think about the things that I failed at doing, and made me want to try harder. I studied as a cosmetologist and when it came time for the big test, I failed. I thought that was the end but the more I wanted it the more I tried. Listening to this speech made me think of that because it was well connected. I learned a lot more during those times of failing because I kept trying. I constantly kept the faith and later on achieved all that I worked hard for. Therefore I understand exactly what she means when she said failure is an option, because it is. If you continue to think that things aren't going to wrong for you, how will you know what's actually right? I think this was a great speech and well thought out and put together. I also think she chose the right environment to share it with.

Spring Break

My spring break was fulfilled with many of events. I attended plenty of gatherings and birthday parties that which I made a lot of food. Although the weather was somewhat messy I made the best of it. I spent plenty of my time with my family and some friends as I could. Even though I wished that it would have been a bit longer I still enjoyed myself. I think more so because I didn't have to wake up early for class. Going on spring break made me realize that it wasn't going to be long till second semester was over. During spring break I had decided to move back home and continue my studies there. With that it made me realize how much I would miss some of the people I had grown close to. Knowing that it was only break and not the last day of school it still made me think a lot. I also spent some of my days doing make-up homework. Being that I had nothing but time to get caught up, I put the time to great use. My spring break was fairly different from the others, but I still had a great time.

How ANNOYING The Snow Is

This snow is starting to get very annoying; it snows continuously. I’m sick of seeing it, knowing that it’s supposed to be spring and it keeps constantly snowing. It has affected my entire learning experience for each of my classes. Things have been very rushed since this snow and I don’t like it. Assignments for each class have been due on time even though all the information we needed was not fully provided. I will be over joyed when all this snow has ended so things will get back on track. I feel like all the things I have learned lately have not been fully processed, and a blur. Due to this snow my grades have not been where I want them to be. Although I’m passing things still aren't the same. Even though I had enough time to study, I still think that the snow has messed up everything. My professors aren't showing any sympathy for this snow because they still are going on with assignments that the class has no knowing of. English class really hasn't been happening because of this snow, that’s my reason for writing about the snow. This white mess has ruined everything for me and others.

Assignment #2

Assignment #2 is an essay on a deeper understanding of assignment #1. My essay will be about how parents should and should not use different languages around children. Things such as profanity, slang, and how they should be positive with their choice of words. I think this will be a good ongoing argument due to the vast variety of parents who don't know how to speak around their children. This essay will not only be focused on the importance of words, but also the actions these words bring with them. Knowing that the things that come out of people mouth can take a toll over someone's life is another issue regarding this essay. The assignment is to be 750 words or more and must have 2 reliable sources to follow up on your argument.  I think by having actual research about this situation will help me understand it slightly better. Also it helps me get to the point better and make it more factual. This also will be a lesson for me. This will help me understand the importance of parenting for later in life. It will also be something I can teach to someone else when trying to do the right thing. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Learning to Read and Write

This story is about a young man who happens to be a slave who wants to learn to read and write. He was taught by his mistress who was strongly dedicated to him reading only books. He lived on a street full of white people which his mistress wanted him to get acquainted with. From the strong intentions his mistress had for him she made sure that her job of getting him to read and write was complete the correct way. She intimidated him as much as she could just so she could be better than her husband. Although as being a slave his obedience was a must, he valued it. The young boy was all for learning to read and write. From learning how to read he learned some of the things that occurred around him. Like the meaning of abolishment and the fact that he’s a slave for life. He knowing that troubled him; it made him hopeless and ready to end his life. A couple of Irish men also gave him the urge of running away but he didn't do it. With his commitment to read and write he chose the path of learning, instead of disobeying.

This young man was a bright person. Even though he was going through unimaginable pain he still chose to do the right thing. He was strong, brave and full of encouragement and it never gave up. He was true believer and deserved much more than he got.